Hey Legend

We are Slowjöy

We wrote and recorded the Sundrip EP over 2019/2020 by the band, with help from some legends: Cam bower (Big Dead) with tracking the drums, mixed by Cody McWaters, and mastered by Matthew Gray. ‘Seeker’ is the bands debut single from the Sundrip EP, due out on January 18th.

Tom Spurgin and Daniel Mahler on guitars and vocals, Sam Castan on drums (Monsterra) and Lachlan Symons on Bass (HRBRT).

Can’t wait to you bring more music throughout 2021, so make sure to stay tuned in if ya dig it. Best way to do that is with our emailing list! We’ll make it worth your while eventually – we hate spam too, so dont worry we wont be sending you useless emails.

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